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Teenage Ms Olympias

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Big, Buff, Beautiful and just 16 years old

Teenage Ms Olympias - Big, Buff, Beautiful and just 16 years oldMel has the thick, muscled biceps of a seasoned female bodybuilder.

Her bulging shoulders are doorway wide and she has traps most musclemen would be proud of.

But this muscular maiden (pic above right), apparently on the brink of bodybuilding stardom, is just 16 years old and a high school student.

She is one of a growing army of teenage girls swapping boys for bodybuilding as kudos of being a ‘buff babe’ grows by the day.

The days of girls aspiring to a petite, soft, unthreatening look are being left in the past as today’s teen sweats it out in the gym to build iron-hard pecs and granite-like quads.

Mel, who is also a competitive swimmer, started pumping iron seriously two years ago.

She has packed on 20lbs of solid muscle and added more than two inches to her impressive biceps.

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